Beaming You 1:1 coaching

Item Code: BYF001
Price:  $75.00

Beaming You 1:1 coaching

Item Code: BYF001
Price:  $75.00

Beaming You mission is to support and encourage our clients to make that change to lead a healthier and happier life.

We offer wellness coaching for women – this is how we’re different:

  • 45 minute one on one personalised coaching sessions
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s about you and your specific needs and goals
  • You choose what you wish to focus on (see below)
  • We look at the top 3 changes with the biggest impact for you
  • Wholistic approach – looking at nutrition, mindset and happiness
  • Habits that stick and changes that last

What to expect from a coaching session?

Once you purchase a session, I will contact you by email within 24hrs to organise a Zoom call/in-person session

  • We will first chat about your specific needs and goals 
  • We will then focus on a particular wellness aspect/s you’re interested in whether that’s learning how to eat healthy, lose weight or increase your happiness, for example: 
    • Healthy eating for a healthy mind & body 
    • Healthy habit formation (e.g. nutrition, sleep, movement)
    • Lose weight and keep it off 
    • Boost your mood and increase your energy levels
    • Uncover the power of a positive mindset 
    • Effective stress reduction tips 
    • Realise your personal goals 

    You will receive :

    • A highly personalised guidance and support – specific to your needs
    • Top 3 changes to implement with the biggest impact on results 
    • You will be supported and encouraged – think of me as your personal cheerleader! 

    MAKE THAT CHANGE - purchase your 1:1 coaching session and you’ll be on your way to a heathier, happier YOU! 

    If you have any questions, please reach out.

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